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Apple Jam

Apple Jam

Instrada Himalayan Apple Jam 300 gms | Taste of Kashmir | Made from special Kashmiri apples | High fruit content |No artificial preservatives | Naturally Sweetened with Himalayan Honey | Flavoured with Kashmiri Saffron


  • Visit the beautiful and lush apple orchards of Kashmir with each bite of Instrada Apple Fruit Jam made with handpicked fresh, juicy and 100% real apple fruits
  • Taste the difference. Our fruit jam contains 60% fruit and is made from fresh Red Delicious Apples, Maharaji Apples, and Golden Apples. We use the best quality of apples for the best taste
  • Experience the richness of Pure Kashmiri Saffron and Himalayan Honey in our Fresh Apple Jams. The combined benefits of pure saffron and honey offers great health benefits in addition to rich flavor
  • Our fresh apple fruit jam is also free from all other artificial preservatives, chemicals, sugar, and added food color. It is naturally sweetened using rich and pure Himalayan Honey
  • Instrada Apple Jam is very versatile and can be used to brighten any dishes. Enjoy as a spread with bread, cake, fruits, pancakes, waffles, chapati, etc. Make your own fruit jam recipe in smoothies, Yoghurts and any dessert


Red Delicious Apple (40%), Maharaji Apple (15%), Golden Apple (15%), Honey, Saffron, Sugar

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Is our jam free of harmful ingredients and preservatives?

Absolutely, YES. Your favourite Instrada Apple Jam is free from all artificial preservatives. It is free from Sodium Benzoate which is used by most commercial brands for preservation.

Who makes this delicious jam?

Science + Love = Instrada Apple Jam. It is uniquely curated by a scientist. Ingredients are studied carefully and the recipe is formulated keeping taste and nutrition in mind. The local community of Kashmiri farmers handpick every ingredient that goes in this product.

How long will I be able to relish this jam?

Once opened, refrigerate the Apple Jam and consume within 4 months of opening. Unopened jars last for 12 months.

How do I consume this yummy jam?

Spread it on breads, pancakes, and waffles, use as cake dressing. Or simply have it as it is (that’s how we do it at Instrada!).

Who benefits from my product purchase?

People of Kashmir. Our vision is to impact the local Kashmiri and Himalayan ecosystem. The entire process is localized which provides employment to the community

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Apple Jam Joy: Baby-Friendly and Husband-Approved

First off, the baby-friendliness is a huge plus. Knowing that it's made with natural goodness and no added nonsense makes us feel great about giving it to our little one. The apple goodness shines through with just the right touch of sweetness. Especially, on meal rejection days, this jam is my saviour.

my husband is a fan too! He spreads it generously on his theplas, parathas, cheela and can't stop raving about the fresh apple flavor. Here to order my third bottle :)

Meenal Deshpande
Unique Taste!!!!

Yummy & tasty jam with hint of cinnamon. Very well packaged and timely delivery- added bonus 👍. Definitely suggest anyone who is looking for unique, tasty apple jam !!!!!

So fruity and delicious! Best Jam ever

This jam was very tasty. Compared to generic brand of jams this has actual fruit content and so much flavour. This is truly the best jam i have had in a long time